Schiffsbetrieb Wiehrer

-behind the casino (Spielbank)-


By City-Bus:
Lines 1 and 2 go direct to the island of Lindau. Get off the bus at bus stop “Heidenmauer”
(the first one after crossing the bridge), cross the street, pass our ticket office, continue
walking approx. 150 meters and you’ll be standing at our pier.

Travelling by bus or private car:

Follow the indications “Lindau Insel” until P 3 (a big parking lot for buses and private cars)
on the right hand side before the bridge. Walk across the bridge (160 m), turn left at the end,
follow the path along the lake and you’ll be standing at our pier.

GPS: enter "Auf dem Wall".

Travelling by train:
It’s a 15 min. walk from the train station to our pier behind the casino (Spielbank).
Once you leave the station turn left, after 200 m turn right and follow the Maximilian-Straße
(a pedestrian area) to Cramergasse at the end of which you step into Schmiedgasse, leading
you past the marketplace and the two churches. The narrow Kasernengasse will take you
straight to our pier behind the casino.

Lindau Island

Lindau Island

Lindau Island

(Window behind the Casino)

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